Create Your Free Social Wall

for conferences, shows and instore displays.

Collect conversation from social networks in real-time and show the best postings on a video wall or event display. 
Add your own branding and moderate your wall.

What Is A Social Wall?

A Social Media Wall collects and displays all social media interaction using your hashtag or social media profiles in a social hub. It’s usually called a Twitter wall, Tweet wall, Instagram wall or more broadly Social media wall. It’s a Social hub, a digital wall that gathers posts from social media in one place and displays it on your custom URL, website, digital display, social TV or event wall.

Showcase the best photos, posts or videos from your community on 15+ social platforms! Try it out, or learn more about hashtag campaigns, events, brand hubs and our API!

The Social Wall For...

Your Event or Venue

Whether you’re want to host a conference, spice up your tradeshow booth, organise a company event, throw a party or celebrate your wedding:

Your audience will be sharing their experiences from their mobile devices in real time! Posts on Twitter, photos on Instagram and even video on Facebook!

Walls.io collects these moments and presents them on a social wall! On LCD displays or video projection at your venue, or in a widget you can easily embed on your website!

Your Brand Widget / Hub

You have spent tons of time and money designing a gorgeous website for your brand. But after a while, it all feels a bit stale for lack of fresh, relevant content? We have the solution for your problem!

You are most likely already publishing high quality content on your various social media profiles every day. Walls.io lets you collect these posts and presents them in a social hub on your website!

Lean back, and watch your website get updated automatically with relevant content!

Your Hashtag Campaign

Whether you’re a marketing a campaign, brand or cause –
Hashtag campaigns spread your ideas on social media –
by capitalizing on the power of word-of-mouth!

Choose a unique hashtag for your campaign or brand – Walls.io will collect all user-generated content like posts, photos or videos.

Use our powerful moderation tools to filter spam and get rid of inappropriate content!

Finally, add our widget to your website and landing page – no code required!

Your Dev & API Projects

Adding social media content to your website or mobile app is a great way to increase relevance and engagement – but for developers, connecting with multiple social media APIs is a ton of work!

Let us introduce you to the only social media API you will ever need! Walls.io collects posts, photos and videos from 15 social media platforms and provides access through a single, unified interface!

Forget about the mess when dealing with multiple APIs.
Just connect to the Walls.io API and let us do the hard work!

The Social Hub For Your Website

Let passionated people tell the story
Showcase the best social moments on your website. Collect content from various social networks and embedd the social media wall as plugin to your website or blog.

Features & Pricing

Walls.io is available in three pricing models. Get started with our free social media wall to try out Walls.io, or choose the Pro plan which we recommend for professional use. If you are an agency or plan to run more than one social wall, our Premium plan is the way to go! Color your wall, add your own branding and select networks and trusted sources.

EUR 0 / Month

1 Wall
1 Source per Social Network
Supports 5 Social Networks
Regular Updates

EUR 200 / Month

1 Wall
5 Sources per Social Network
Supports 15 Social Networks
Fast Updates

EUR 500 / Month

5 Walls
10 Sources per Social Network
Supports 15 Social Networks
Fast Updates
Priority Support

Walls.io comes with a ton of features you won’t find in any other product! Check out our website for all a complete featurelist!

  • Support for 15 social media networks! Walls.io supports Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Linkedin and many more platforms
  • Support for multiple sources! Add Hashtags, keywords or particular social media profiles/-pages to your wall
  • Fast updates! Walls.io offers real-time updates on Twitter and refreshes your content up to once per minute on all other platforms
  • Embeddable widget! Integrate Walls.io on your website - no code required!
  • Beautiful themes! Pick your favorite from our beautiful themes and color schemes
  • Individual design! Use our style editor or custom CSS code to make your wall look perfect
  • Powerful Moderation! Use our moderation tools to get rid of inappropriate posts and spam
  • Ad free & Whitelabel! Display your content ad free and remove the Walls.io logo on all paid plans
  • Social map! Display social media content on Google Maps
  • Chatbot support! Use Facebook Messenger to post to your social wall
  • Sponsored tiles! Use this feature to automatically display your own advertising on your wall
  • API access! We offer a versatile, unique API to access all social content collected


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