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How Instagram's algorithm update affects your Social Media Wall

Instagram made some changes to its API and is unfortunately no longer providing access to its content in the way it used to work in the past. 

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Free unicorn wallpapers

You like rainbows and unicorns? Even unicorns with jetpacks, drunk or hanging arround with with spiders? Ok, now we're are going ways too far. Oh, wait... no! We're cracy about our unicorns!

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Get a free Twitter Wall or Social Wall for your next Barcamp

We love barcamps and try to attend as often as we can. And we appreciate the work of all barcampers and barcamp organizers. So we decided to support barcamps with free coupons for our social media wall.

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How to create a social hub

A social hub for your website or blog is not only a great tool for social media managers to monitor Twitter, Instagram and Google plus for brands and campaigns. It it is also one central site to show all conversations about your brand on one page. 

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What happend to the original

A couple of years ago we started this site as a simple Twitter Wall tool and now became one of the most flexible and strongest tools to showcase not only tweets on a big screen at conferences, venues or on in-store displays.

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Everything you should know about a Twitter Wall, Social Wall and Social Hub

With a Twitter Wall you can collect and illustrate Tweets, which are the results of a Hashtag-search (#keyword). After the input of the hashtag you get every Tweet in which the keyword is included.

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