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The Social Hub for your website

Showcase the best social moments on your website. Collect content from various social networks and embedd the social media wall as plugin to your website or blog. illustration final-01

Curate the most amazing instagram images and public Twitter posts. Choose between a real-time feed with all conversations from the major social network or select individual sources. 

Only the best on your Social Wall

Handpick trusted people and put them on your Social Wall's whitelist. Only tweets, retweets and favs by these people will make it to your wall. 

Customize your Social Wall

Showcase social interactions on your website or local display installations (e.g. retail stores, trade fair shows). Customize all colors and add your logo or branding to your screen.

Multiple sources
We support Twitter, Instagram & Google Plus

Individual design
Customize your wall with your own colors and branding

Filter content
Select one or multiple hashtags

Embed wall
Create a social hub and embedd your wall to your website