Showcase the best photos or videos from your event on a big screen

Here is the tool you searched for!

Display real-time conversations from social networks like Instagram, Google+ or Twitter. Select multiple hashtags for your event and add a custom branding. You can also moderate your wall via our website or mobile devices.

Any event or music concert should come with a video wall. Great events also show live interaction from fans and people in the audience in real-time on a social wall. We help you to showcase the best images from Instagram on big displays at your next event.

We support real-time posts from Twitter (Text and images), Instagram and Google Plus (public posts).


It is easy to setup your social wall

Register for a free account & build your social wall for your next event in advance:

  • select one or multiple hashtags for your event
  • connect your social media accounts to gather real-time posts during the event
  • define your favorite layout with custom colors and images. 

Moderate your social wall

You are in full control who is posting to your social wall. Hide unwelcome messages in real-time from the live version of your social wall or define a circle of trusted users. If you activate this filter only posts, favs and retweets from trusted fans, stuff, band members or employees will appear on your public wall at the concert.

Promote & publish your Social Wall

Use your social wall as the easiest way to create a social hub on your artist's website or tour blog to promote your concert or event. You can publish your wall with a secret link or embedd the wall on your blog or website. You can choose a day pass for your event or choose a long-term plan to keep your wall active for the whole tour.

Mobile Support

Change and moderate your social media wall from mobile devices while sitting in the audience or standing backstage. See a preview on your mobile device throughout the public wall displays the filtered version.



No ads
Display your content ad free

Multiple sources
We support Twitter, Instagram & Google Plus

Individual design
Customize your wall with your own colors and branding

Filter content
Select one or multiple hashtags

Remote control
Moderate your wall and hide unwelcome posts from a second device

Choose between a secret wall or make your wall public

Embed wall
Create a social hub and embedd your wall to your website


60 min / day0,- €

create a free social wall


24 hours19,99 €

try for free & upgrade