Features & pricing

Get started with our free social media wall for a limited time or choose a professional plan for your next event.
Color your wall, add your own branding and select networks and trusted sources.
The following features are included in all plans:

No ads
Display your content ad free

Multiple sources
We support Twitter, Instagram & Google Plus

Individual design
Customize your wall with your own colors and branding

Filter content
Select one or multiple hashtags

Remote control
Moderate your wall and hide unwelcome posts from a second device

Choose between a secret wall or make your wall public

Embed wall
Create a social hub and embedd your wall to your website


60 min / day0,- €

create a free social wall


24 hours19,99 €

try for free & upgrade


Get a full customization for your social media campaign. We build custom solutions for shops, events & venues.

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